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All County Volleyball Coach of the Year

12:00 AM, Dec. 20, 2012 EST

Mission Oak volleyball coach Casey Norman was named 2012 Tulare County coach of the year. / Steve R. Fujimoto

Casey Norman

Casey Norman

School: Mission Oak

Season: Took over for a struggling program and immediately turned things around. Led the Hawks to an 8-2 record and a share of the East Yosemite League championship -- the program's first. Also reached the playoffs for the first time, winning their first playoff game. Came one set short of reaching the Central Section Division III semifinals. Finished 14-7 overall.

Comments: On taking over a struggling program: "They were excited for a new coach to come in and take care of things. It was a lot of trying to break old habits and to take care of some self-confidence issues we had. We had to do a lot of team building and made them feel like they were a tight-knit family."

On her team's success: "I wasn't expecting it from the beginning. I knew we'd accomplish some great things and reach a lot of goals in our program, but I never expected this much."

On being welcomed to Mission Oak: "I have never been on a campus that was so welcoming. I was going to take a couple years off, but Roger Hildreth said he needed help and I told him I would. I love the sport, I love the athletes, and I love watching them grow from where they started to where they end."




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