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Louisiana Supreme Court rules LHSAA is private entity

12:00 AM, Jan. 31, 2013 EST

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled the state's high school athletic association, the LHSAA, is a private entity. / File photo

The Louisiana Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the LHSAA in its suit against the state that helps define the association's position as a private entity.

The ruling struck down a number of Louisiana laws that specifically regulated the LHSAA on how the association determines player eligibility.

The ruling also deemed unconstitutional the entire section of the law regulating home study program sports participants. Those laws allowed home study students to play in LHSAA sports so long as the students met the same requirements as students who attend schools. Since the LHSAA is not a "quasi public entity," the Supreme Court ruled the Louisiana Legislative Auditor's office does not have the authority to review or audit the LHSAA's financial records. The LHSAA filed the suit on Nov. 5, 2010 against several state agencies, including the Attorney General's Office, BESE and the LLA, requesting the court declare the association a private corporation. The LHSAA further argued the state violated the Equal Protection Clause because other private agencies like Beta and Key Clubs are not subject to Louisiana laws regulating extra-curricular activities. The LHSAA is expected to release a statement this afternoon on the ruling.




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