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All-North Div. IV volleyball: Poston returns just in time for Muckers

12:00 AM, Dec. 17, 2012 EST

A year off was just what the doctor ordered for Virginia City middle blocker Jamie Poston.

The junior finished with 250 digs, 165 kills, 58 blocks and 42 aces to lead her team to a 24-4 record. For her efforts, she is the 2012 RGJ All-North Division IV Player of the Year.

From homeschooling to her part on the FIRST Nevada Robotics Competition (FRC), to competing for her town's high school volleyball team and keeping up with friends, Poston had a few freshman growing pains when it came to putting her responsibilities in order of importance.

"My parents and I definitely talked a lot about priorities and how school came before robotics, which came before sports ... I definitely had to get my priorities straight and keep them that way," Poston said.

She maintained a 4.0 cumulative GPA, is president of an honors society, a semifinalist for the National Merit Scholarship and is competitive in sports -- with the help of her teachers, coaches and parents Patti and Jim Poston, who both coach volleyball at Damonte Ranch and have played the sport for 30 years plus.

"I just have a huge checklist and as long as I finish on time, (my parents are) pretty much OK, but they definitely are not happy if I don't do my work on time," Poston said. "So its not like traditional school where if the teacher gives you a bad note, you can just hide it from your parents -- they know what's going on at every moment."

Potson hopes to attend Cal Tech. Because it's a Div. III school, it does not give athletic scholarships. So Poston also will consider Nevada universities.

"We decided before we had kids that we would home school, not to be mean to the current school system but when were kids, we thought school was kind of boring -- we wanted to make it more interesting and use more of the stuff they would in the future," said Patti, a UNLV grad with a geology degree. "We have them do things up to their ability -- for example, Jamie was very gifted at math early on and started algebra in sixth grade."

But Poston is grateful she's able to play sports in the small town of Virginia City.

"Everybody has known everybody since forever," Potson said.




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