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Youth soccer league recommends doing away with handshakes during flu epidemic

The Manhattan Soccer Club is doing its part to curtail the flu epidemic that led New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo to declare a public health emergency on Saturday. The youth soccer league sent an e-mail to parents in which it offered reminders that players should cover their mouth and nose with a tissue and not share drinks or snacks with each other, among other common sense tips.

Oh, and those postgame handshake lines? Those need to change.

From the e-mail:

At this point the MSC Board and the coaching staff would recommend that players not shake/touch hands with opponents after the games. The safest thing to do is to touch elbows. The coach or manager can explain this to the other team prior to the game.

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While there should probably be a follow-up e-mail recommending that players not cough into their elbows, one parent told the New York Post that he supports the MSC's recommendations.

“It shows that [the club] is on top of what is going on with the flu outbreak, and they have come up with a great solution that shows good sportsmanship while also reducing the chance of transferring the flu,” Andy Stenzler said.

Elbow touch to Prep Rally for the heads up.



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