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Midweek Roundtable: What are you thankful for?

We here at USA TODAY High School Sports love a good-natured debate. Every Wednesday, we'll invite you into our sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted (but always passionate) takes on various topics that pertain to high school sports, and feature commentary from high school athletes. We invite everyone to sound off in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook. Go ahead, tell us why we're wrong. We'll try not to take it personally.

QUESTION: What are you thankful for?

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Jim Halley, Reporter

At the risk of sounding like a giant Hallmark card, I'm thankful for family, friends and my health. Everything else is gravy.

Jason Jordan, Reporter

I’m most thankful for my family. I’ve been blessed to have a really close-knit, strong family. That and health. Those are the major things that I’m thankful for.

Sarah Gearhart, Reporter

As a writer with a zealous photography obsession (proof is on my Instagram), I'm thankful for the ability to see. It shifts how and what I think about and allows me to feel inspired by life.

Scott Allen, Content Producer

Family, friends, health and, yes, football. Go Skins!

Suzanne Schwerer, Content Manager

I’m grateful for the opportunities I was given as a female athlete. At the end of my freshman year of college, the boys track and cross-country programs were cut because of Title IX. Those guys lost more than the opportunity to compete in the sport that they love. They lost their work studies and their scholarships. Being a student-athlete requires sacrifice; but I never took for granted having something worth making sacrifices for.


Tyus Jones, Basketball, Apple Valley (Minn.), Class of 2014

I would have to say that I’m most thankful for my health. I had a small scare this summer with an injury and it really put things into perspective and let me see what things could be like. So, yeah, I’m definitely most thankful for my health.
Ty Cummings, Football, Carroll (Southlake, Texas), Class of 2013

I’m most thankful for the family that has been able to bring me up with such great surroundings. They’ve really supported me and helped me to get to where I’m at right now. I wouldn’t be anywhere without them.

Sebastian Larue, Football, Santa Monica (Calif.), Class of 2013

I'm most thankful for my coaches and teammates for giving me the opportunity to change my life. My coaches pushed me to be great in everything I do. They put me in position to make plays on the field, which is why I'm so successful.

Meghan Vogel, XC and Track, West Liberty-Salem (West Liberty, Ohio), Class of 2013

I'm thankful for my family and my friends, the ability to run, my teammates and anyone who has helped me in my life. I'm also thankful for my faith.

Lance McCullers, 2012 American Family Insurance ALL-USA Baseball Player of the Year
I'm thanful for my family, friends and the ability to keep on playing the game I love.

Rob Kaminsky, Baseball, St. Joseph's (N.J.), Class of 2013

Thankful for so much. My family, My friends, good health, soldiers around the world protecting us, to name a few.

Claude Mathis, DeSoto (Texas) football coach

I am very blessed and thankful to have God in my life and to be back in DeSoto. When you look at the kids that we have here and to go through what they went through this year. Also, I'm thankful to be playing football on Thanksgiving. What a wonderful holiday to play football on.



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