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Weekend Rewind: Hello! Flip is part of AT&T commercial

12:03 PM, Oct. 29, 2012 EDT

Every week during the high school football season, we'll take a look at some of the more interesting videos that appear on YouTube. From highlights and lowlights, to interviews and outtakes, everything is fair game.

Mystery Solved

Last week, video of an unidentified high school player doing a flip over a defender during a high school scrimmage went viral. We surmised that it was staged, but we couldn't have guessed that we would see it about 50 times over the weekend as the focus of a new AT&T ad. Hello!

Hook and Ladder

The Seattle Times' Jayson Jenks recently posted a link to this unusual play, which occurred in a game between Mercer Island (Wash.) and Interlake (Wash.). A hook and ladder play is unusual it its own right, we've never seen one involving the center. Watch the big guy rumble.

Double Deflection

Long Beach Wilson (Calif.) only scored one touchdown in its 48-6 loss to Long Beach Poly (Calif.) on Friday, but it was an amazing one.

Wired Up

Inside the locker room at Hazard (Ky.) before a recent game.

Another Flip

This video was posted to YouTube over the weekend. I can't confirm that it's actually from a high school game or that this flip won't be used in a commercial. Either way, it's pretty sweet. 

Crystal Ball Prediction

Here's more on this unbelievable video.



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