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VIDEO: Dad tackles shirtless guy at HS football game

11:46 AM, Oct. 30, 2012 EDT

A shirtless man wandered onto the field at a Sacramento area high school football game this weekend. We can't speak to his motives, but he was shirtless, dazed, wearing a belt that wasn't looped onto his pants and threw the contents of a water bottle at an official. You can fill in the dots.

His time on the field lasted until a father of a player approached him from behind and brought him down with a textbook open-field tackle. The intruder was subdued and later arrested.

Tom Ziller of SB Nation called it "Dad Justice" which is both a perfect title for this clip and a great idea for a 1992 Chuck Norris movie. (Voiceover: "When he tucks you in, his night is just beginning.")

Warning: There are two instances of PG-13 language in the clip. The shirtless gentleman also flirts with plumber's crack for a brief moment.

The Colfax Record identified the tackler as Troy Milton-Sander, a father of a Placer player and a former team member himself. 

His hit was completely legit. If you walk onto the field, you deserve whatever's coming. All the extracurriculars that occur when the man is on the ground are less justified. Watch the man in the light brown jacket. Why does he need to be throwing in cheap shots in a six-on-one situation? He's the DeAngelo Hall to Milton-Sander's Ray Lewis.

The intruder was identified as Patrick Hurley, 25, of Colfax. The only thing more embarrassing than wandering shirtless on the field in a debatable state of sobriety and getting tackled by an old man is that he's 25 and still hanging around high school football games.



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