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Utah football commit Marcellus Pippins shares playlist

Daily Dose: Music for your next workout

10:01 AM, Nov. 05, 2012 EST

Got a case of the Mondays? Pause. Let’s remix.

Whether you’ve got a big game, intense workouts in the weight room, or both, a music playlist can set your mind right.

El Cerrito (El Cerrito, Calif.) cornerback and Utah commit Marcellus Pippins supplies a few tunes that keep him moving.

“Find A Place” — Trey Songz
When I’m in the huddle or on the sideline, I’ve got this song playing in my head. The beat is kind of slow. I listen to the song when I want to collect my thoughts and think about what I’m going to do in the game.

“Vegas Love” — Kevin Cossom
This is my pre-game song. I listen to it when I’m stretching. It’s a moderate beat and helps me with my bounce as I’m warming up.  

“Hold Me Back” — Rick Ross
This song is in my mind when I’m trying to make a big play. It's a fast song, and the message I get from it is that nobody can hold me back from my goals.

“Dreams and Nightmares” — Meek Mill
The song starts out slow, but speeds up toward the middle. When our team isn’t doing well, and I get mad, I use this song to focus and get serious.  

“Love Me or Let Me Go” — Kevin Cossom
The pace stays the same the whole time. I like that it’s a mellow song, and it relaxes me before games. I think about scoring touchdowns and staying calm on the field.  



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