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With Wiggins gone, Jones takes over top spot in class of 2014

9:33 AM, Oct. 26, 2012 EDT

Apple Valley (Minn.) point guard Tyus Jones takes over the top spot in the class of 2014 after Andrew Wiggins decided to reclassify.

Tyus Jones didn’t need any rankings to tell him that he was the No. 1 player in the 2014 class.

“I already feel like I’m the best player in the country,” said Jones, a point guard at Apple Valley (Apple Valley, Minn.). “It’s definitely not a cocky thing or trying to disrespect anyone else, it’s just a mindset that I have.”

On Thursday, that mindset was solidified.

Hungtinton (W.Va.) Prep swingman Andrew Wiggins, who had held down ESPN 60’s top spot in 2014 for more than a year, reclassified to 2013, giving Jones, who had been No. 2, top dog status.

“It feels great,” Jones said. “I definitely wasn’t worried about being No. 2, but when you’re named the top player in the country it’s definitely something that you are proud of.”

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Jones doesn’t care that he was awarded the ever-elusive top spot as a result of Wiggins' decision to jump up a class.

“Andrew is phenomenal, there’s no question,” Jones said. “But it doesn’t matter to me how I got it.”

Now Jones will shift his focus to something that’s even harder than being the best -- keeping it that way.

“It’s obviously a great honor to be the top player in the country in my class,” Jones said. “But truthfully all it means now is that my work has gotten that much harder. I know everyone is coming at me even harder now, but I’ll be ready.”

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