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Nation's top junior on chats with coaches, Thanksgiving

Tyus Jones cut his list to eight schools

1:41 AM, Nov. 20, 2012 EST

Tyus Jones is the top-ranked prospect in the ESPN 60 for 2014. Some analysts consider Jones to be the nation’s top floor general, regardless of class. That kind of clout has heavyweights like Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, North Carolina and Kansas, among others, all giving chase. Jones, a junior at Apple Valley (Apple Valley, Minn.), has agreed to give USA TODAY High School Sports exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s up world! Hope everyone is doing good, I’m back with another blog so thanks in advance for reading.

OK, so of course last week started the early signing period. It was cool to hear about all of the guys signing their letters and sending them back to the schools. I know that’s a great feeling. I definitely thought about how that will be me one day.

It makes me a little anxious because that’s something I would really be excited about. I don’t know for sure when I’ll sign during my senior year. Who’s to say, but my intentions are to be signing around this time next year so hopefully I’ll have my decision ready and I can do that.

Some of you may have heard that I cut my list down to eight schools. Right now I’m looking at Baylor, Duke, North Carolina, Michigan State, Minnesota, Ohio State, Kansas and Kentucky.

I think it just got to a point where I just felt like these were the eight schools that had been on me the hardest and these were the schools where I could really envision myself playing. I don’t think I’ll be cutting anything else any time soon.


Cutting my list just makes it a little easier for me and my family so that’s why I decided to go ahead and do that now.

The next two schools that I’ll be trying to get down to are Kentucky and Kansas.

Those are the two that I haven’t been to yet so I really want to see the schools and experience the fans and everything. We’re working on some dates now, but nothing is set. When I figure that out I’ll definitely let you guys know.

Last week was an interesting week for me. I got a chance to talk to Coach K (Mike Krzyzewski), Coach (John) Calipari, Coach (Tubby) Smith and Coach (Tom) Izzo and had great talks with each of them. Coach K, Coach Cal and Coach Izzo all called me after their games last Tuesday so that was pretty interesting.

They were basically just making sure that I was watching. They played up things that would attract me and pointed out a few different things that happened during the game. It was a good talk. Not too long at all.

Those were some great games. I definitely watch really close how each school uses their point guard and different sets they run, things like that. I probably notice things most people never even think of. I really liked how Michigan State used Keith Appling at the end to get that big win. He made big plays all night. Stuff like that sticks out to me.

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I honestly liked how all of those teams used their point guards.

When I’m watching games like that I don’t really root for either team. Sometimes when the schools that are recruiting me are playing teams that aren’t recruiting me I’ll pull for my schools.

We’ve started our practice now and we’re all really excited to be back in the gym. I think that’s something that every player feels around this time. We’re all just ready to start playing again so I’m ready to get back in the swing of things.

I saw the USA TODAY HSS Super 25 and I wish that our state association would let our high school travel a little more so we could be in these big time tournaments. I think we’ll be a good team though.

Huntington Prep is the No. 1 team and I know they’re talented. I would love to play against them. It’s the competitor in me. I always want to test myself and push myself and my teammates to the max.

Of course this week is Thanksgiving and I’m excited about that, but I won’t be cooking. I’m definitely just an eater on Thanksgiving.

I love eating sweet potatoes so I’m looking forward to those the most.

My mom hooks it up!

Well, let me get outta here guys. Thanks again for reading and don’t forget to come back and check me out later for my next entry.

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