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Top point guard talks about visits to Duke and UNC

Tyus Jones got the star treatment from fans

12:52 PM, Oct. 24, 2012 EDT

Tyus Jones is the top-ranked point guard and No. 2 overall prospect in the ESPN60 for 2014. Some analysts consider Jones to be the nation’s top floor general, regardless of class. That kind of clout has heavyweights like Kentucky, Duke, Michigan State, North Carolina and Kansas, among others, all giving chase. Jones, a junior at Apple Valley (Apple Valley, Minn.), has agreed to give USA TODAY High School Sports exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s up everybody it’s your boy Tyus here back with another blog!

Well, I’m coming off two great visits last weekend to North Carolina and Duke so that’s the biggest thing that’s up with me.

Me, my mom, my younger brother and my aunt and uncle got to Duke Friday afternoon and we met with the coaches right away. Jahlil (Okafor) got there a little after I did and then Theo (Pinson) came a little after him. The coaches took us on a tour around campus, which was really fun because the Duke fans showed us so much love.

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I can honestly say that I’ve never had that much attention from fans. They were just coming up to us asking for pictures and telling us how much they wanted us there. It was just crazy how much love they showed us.

After the tour, we all went over to the gym and hung out while we waited for Countdown to Craziness to start. Karl Towns and Harry Giles were the other two recruits there.

When we all walked out to head over to our seats behind the bench the crowd just went crazy. They were just cheering so loud for us and then they started chanting “Come to Duke!”

I can’t even describe how that feels to be in that moment. I got a rush. It was great. We all kinda looked at each other and started smiling.

The whole event was fun.

The best part for me was just sitting behind the Duke bench and being in that environment. Just to see the fans with so much love for their team was cool. After that we all hung out in the basketball office with the coaches and had a good time just talking.

The next morning we met with Coach (Mike) Krzyzewski before their practice and he was telling me about how he thinks their style fits me perfect and things like that. We mostly talked about things other than recruiting though. He’s a big Chicago Bears fan and I’m a Minnesota Vikings fan so we went back and forth with that a little bit.

Watching the practice was cool too. It was really intense. I was definitely focusing a lot on what Quinn (Cook) was doing and the interaction that Coach K had with him during the practice. You know how it is; you tend to watch your position a little more. I really liked watching how they worked because I want to be somewhere where I’m pushed.

After the practice we headed over to North Carolina and went to their practice. We had a good time over there just watching how hard they work and talking with the players and coaches after practice. Then we shot around in the Dean Dome, which was really fun.

Me, Theo and Jahlil were out there shooting around and we found the spot where Austin Rivers hit that crazy buzzer beater three to win the game last season. So we started to reenact it. All in fun though. Theo was the first one to make it.

After that, we all went back over to Duke to watch their football game against UNC, which was just crazy.

I honestly thought Duke was done when North Carolina scored that late touchdown after they recovered the fumble, but Duke drove down the field and scored at the end the place went crazy.

I was pretty neutral, but when you’re with the Duke crowd you’re forced to cheer for them a little bit more, haha. I mean I can’t be cheering for North Carolina sitting there with Coach (Jeff) Capel, Coach Steve Wojciechowski and Coach (Chris) Collins, ya know.

On Sunday, I went back over to North Carolina because I couldn’t spend as much time over there on Saturday. I got the chance to sit down and talk with Coach (Roy) Williams and it was good to hear that he was feeling a lot better after his surgery. He was telling me how blessed he was and how well he’s doing now. That was great to hear.

We also talked about the point guard situation there with them having two great point guards coming in the last two classes in Marcus Paige this year and Nate Britt next year. It’s one of those things that’s not too hard to notice so he basically just told me that he likes to run more than one point guard at the same time. He made a good point in saying that we all have different strengths and he said he knows that it would work out fine. So that was cool to hear.

When we left there we went back over to Duke to catch the end of practice and then met with the coaches again for a little while. After that we headed out.

The weekend was even better since I got to hang out with my boys Jahlil and Theo.

We all had a good time and, of course, we talked about teaming up together in college. Me and Jahlil have always been on the same page there, and Theo was telling us that he’s interested in playing with us in college too. That would just be another great weapon to add to the class.

On the plane ride back I definitely couldn’t stop thinking about those two schools. It was so fun just being there and seeing how they do things. I was just thinking about how difficult a decision will be after taking visits like these because all of the programs are top notch.

Me and my family were talking the whole plane ride back about different parts of the trip. Everybody had a ball.

I don’t have any solid plans for another visit, but I’ll probably try and get out to Kentucky and Kansas next because I’ve never been to those schools.

Well, other than that, I’ve just been going hard with my schoolwork and working hard getting ready for the season to start. Me and my teammates definitely can’t wait for that.

OK guys, I’ve got to get going but thanks again for reading my blog, and I want you to come back soon and read my next one.

Take care.

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