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Change the Way You Train

Tired of your regular workout routine? Try these

2:08 PM, Jul. 17, 2012 EDT

The weight room is like a second home for athletes. While that training time is necessary, let’s face it – it can also get a little stale. Here are a few alternative workouts to help you keep training fun and fresh.

TRX Suspension Training

The TRX Suspension Trainer is a portable training tool that latches onto a door or around a post. The tool relies on your bodyweight to build balanced strength and power – as opposed to having one area of the body become overly dominant, which often leads to injuries.

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Boxing teaches muscles to react quickly for an extended period. Movements rely on bodyweight to build stamina, strength, speed and power. Since the upper and lower body is simultaneously exercised, boxing is tremendously beneficial for developing coordination.

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Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling is an effective way to strengthen your glutes, hamstrings, quads and calf muscles, while also targeting your core and upper body. In addition to improving strength, cycling is beneficial for developing endurance and speed through interval training, which helps you become more explosive and reactive.

Watch Episode 3: Cycling Builds Speed and Endurance

Power Yoga

Power yoga uses one’s bodyweight to build strength and balance. One of the greatest benefits is that it develops symmetry in the body, so one side or area doesn’t become more dominant. That’s key for injury prevention. Yoga can also increase speed by improving flexibility in your ankles, hips, hamstrings, quads and the bottom of your feet.

Watch Episode 4: Yoga Improves Flexibility, Strength and Balance


Pilates is a training method that integrates a series of controlled exercises to develop full-body strength and flexibility. Exercises aim to create body alignment, which is key for getting muscles to work more efficiently. Pilates also lengthens the body and improves joint stability and balance, which are essential for injury prevention.

Watch Episode 5: Pilates Improves Strength and Flexibility

Deep Water Running

Deep water running is non-weight bearing cross-training performed in water, sometimes while wearing a flotation belt. Water provides resistance and helps keep muscles loose as you perform various exercises that improve speed, stamina and core strength. DWR also helps prevent injuries and aids in recovery.

Watch Episode 6: Use water running to improve speed, stamina and prevent injury

Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun, a form of Chinese martial arts, teaches you how to use your power and strength as efficiently as possible to fight off a larger and stronger opponent. Training combines hand and leg techniques, requiring you to move your upper and lower body in sync. The style also involves a lot of footwork, hand-eye coordination and conditioning.

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Zumba is a Latin-inspired dance workout that combines fast-paced steps and movements performed to the beat of high-energy international music. The workout requires you to move at a fast rate for an extended period of time and promotes body awareness, coordination and cardio.

Watch Episode 8: Zumba builds cardio and improves footwork

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing involves pulling and balancing your bodyweight to move from one point to the next. The activity builds full-body strength and exercises small and often neglected training areas. Since the activity requires extending your body in unusual positions, it’s also great for increasing flexibility.

Watch Episode 9: Rock climbing develops full-body strength

Sand Training

Sand training is a low-impact form of resistance training that's advantageous for improving balance and stability. The surface is beneficial for training to improve quickness and build explosive strength because muscles require a greater workload to accelerate, run, jump and change direction. 

Watch Episode 10: Sand training improves balance, speed and strength



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