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Top North Carolina baseball commit A.J. Bogucki talks music

Daily Dose: Star right-handed pitcher listens to heavy rock to focus

Boyertown (Pa.) senior right-handed pitcher A.J. Bogucki’s baseball resume speaks for itself. He finished last season 6-1 with one save and a 2.94 ERA. He also struck out 74 in 52 1/3 innings.

Add to that Under Armour All-American status and first team All-Conference honors in 2012, when he led Boyertown to its first Pioneer Athletic Conference championship in four years.

Bogucki can consistently hit 93 mph on the radar gun, and the North Carolina commit’s impressive digits might make you think he plays as though he’s mad.

Oh wait, that’s because he is.

Bogucki admits he enjoys getting “angry” before practices and games — and he points to his heavy rock music playlist for helping him get in that mindframe. Naturally, we had to ask him for the breakdown.

How do you get in the zone before hitting the field?
I occasionally listen to rap, but for the most part I definitely stick to rock. It gets me angry. I play rock music pretty loud in my Jeep. I listen to Disturbed, Mudvayne, Godsmack, and I have a lot of Zolbeat, which is an interesting band from Denmark. It’s a lot of bass and drumming.

Why do you blare music in your car as opposed to listening with headphones?
Because it’s all around me, and it’s really loud. I have a super sound system in my Wrangler.

That sounds really intense. Do you sing in the car?
Occasionally — not going to lie, but most of the time I don’t.

What do you envision as you’re listening to heavy music?
I envision making a lot of strikes and think about the best players on the other team and what I need to do to control them.

OK, so when you’re not preparing for practice or a game, what other music gets your attention?
Sometimes I’ll chill to country music — I find it comical. I don’t like really slow Toby Keith stuff. I’m more into Jason Aldean and Parmalee. It’s a lot faster.

I like “Take A Little Ride” by Jason Aldean, “Carolina” by Parmalee and “Made In America” by Toby Keith.

Wait a second, you just said you don’t like Toby Keith.
He has an occasional good song. What he sings about is kind of funny. He sings about his dad and All-American stuff, and how he doesn’t like European cars. He’s old school.

Do any of your favorite songs have a message that you relate to playing baseball?
“Indestructible” by Disturbed makes me think of being a monster on the field.



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