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Top defensive end Da'Shawn Hand shares his playlist

Daily Dose: Get in the zone for your next workout

11:16 AM, Oct. 15, 2012 EDT

Got a case of the Mondays? Pause. Let’s remix.

Whether you’ve got a big game, intense workouts in the weight room, or both, a music playlist can set your mind right.

Below, Woodbridge (Woodbridge, Va.) defensive end Da’Shawn Hand shares a few tunes that keep him going.

“Headstrong” — Trapt
This song makes you feel like you can take on anybody in the world. You feel like The Hulk, invincible and nobody’s going to stop you.

“Everyday” — Chief Keef
He doesn’t really rap, but the lyrics get me ready. There’s a lot of bass — I like anything with a lot of bass. I envision being invincible.

“Hotel California”— Eagles
I’ll put on this song during away games right before we get to the school. I listen to it and just release all of my thoughts. The song is real laid-back. The guitar is mellow. It takes everything off your mind.

“My Immortal” — Evanescence
It’s kind of a love song. I zone out when I hear the piano, and her voice is kind of sweet.

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