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Is this the worst high school baseball field ever?

My high school's baseball field served as the football field in the fall and doubled as the soccer field in the spring, so every ground ball was an adventure. For all its flaws -- and there were many -- my high school's field was a perfectly manicured baseball cathedral compared to the conditions at Lake Washington (Kirkland, Wash.). 

Citing dangerous playing conditions, including exposed spikes and pipes, the district closed Lake Washington's field earlier this year. While the team has been forced to scramble to find places to practice and play games, parents in the community are furious that the district failed to maintain the field.

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"There are literally pipes that we have dug out or pulled out with a tractor," one parent, Sim Osborn, told King5.com. "Parents, not the school district. Parents. The field has never ever been maintained by the school district even though it's their responsibility."

In an e-mail to MyNorthwest.com, district communications director Kathryn Reith said the district has been working on a plan to fix the issues.

"Parents will get the plan within the next couple of days," Reith said. "It will take a little time to get bids and issue a purchase order but we do hope to begin work soon."



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