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Texas high school freshman dies nine days after being struck by discus

A funeral is scheduled today for a high school freshman who died nine days after he was struck by a flying discus at a track meet.

The Amarillo Globe-News reports that Hereford (Texas) freshman Joshua Ramirez was hit by the discus while stretching in preparation for a race at the Reagor-Dykes Bulldog Relays on March 8. Ramirez rode the team bus back to Hereford, but he was admitted to the hospital when the pain persisted two days later.

The hospital staff took X-Rays and arranged a follow-up appointment the next day. The Globe-News reports that Ramirez felt worse at the follow-up last Wednesday and was transferred to the intensive care unit, where he died Sunday morning.

“He would always bring out the best in everyone,” Ramirez's father, Joshua John Ramirez, said. “It was his gift.”



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