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How You Proved Yourself: Texas A&M Commit Reggie Chevis Recalls His Defining Moment

Reggie Chevis says his defining moment came at the All-American combine last January. / 247Sports

Every athlete has experienced a moment when their teammates and peers knew they were a force to be reckoned with. Twice a week we’ll let high school athletes dish on the moment when they proved they belonged. Share your "Prove Yourself" moment and you'll be entered for a chance to win an iPad.

This week we caught up with Sharpstown (Houston) linebacker Reggie Chevis, a Texas A&M commit.

When was your defining moment?

“It was when I got invited to the All-American combine in San Antonio this past January. I was named to the top performers list there and turned a lot of heads. I was going hard the whole time. After that I was on the map. I got my first offer from Boise State and it just picked up from there.”

Can you remember how you felt coming into that camp?

“I was ready. I had a big chip on my shoulder. No one had really heard about me and I didn’t like that. I felt like I had to prove so much and there was no way I wasn’t gonna prove it.”

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What did it feel like when you began to emerge as one of the top linebackers at such a prestigious camp?

“When your intensity is just rolling it’s just the best feeling ever. You just know you’re balling. I was learning so much and I was dominating the drills and the one-on-ones. That’s where I really excelled. I was doing my thing and it felt great.”

What was the reception like from coaches and players at the camp?

“My coaches were happy because they knew what I was capable of. They were all really happy and that made me even more happy. I earned the respect of all of the guys there so they were just congratulating me and things like that. That was a great feeling.”

In hindsight was this the moment that changed your mindset from thinking you could be dominant to knowing it?

“That camp changed me because I knew that I could be the best of the best. That was all of the best linebackers in the country and I came out as one of the best. I was a leader out there and it showed me that everyone wasn’t built for leadership. Even with all of those great players everyone was looking around for a leader, but I stepped up. It changed me for the better.”

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