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Superstition of the Week: Reggie Chevis

Sharpstown linebacker compares his sunflower seed superstition to Popeye's spinach

10:08 AM, Nov. 07, 2012 EST

Sharpstown linebacker Reggie Chevis / 247Sports

From Michael Jordan’s obsession with rocking North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls shorts during games to Serena Williams’ need to bounce the tennis ball five times before her first serve, athletes have long been believers that superstitions give them the added edge they need to get in the zone before games. Every week we’ll take a look at some of the wackiest superstitions athletes and coaches from around the country implement. This week we caught up with Sharpstown (Houston) linebacker Reggie Chevis, a Texas A&M commit.

The Superstition: Sunflower Seeds of Power

The Breakdown: “It’s really simple: I can’t even think about playing unless I eat a full bag of sunflower seeds. I just basically take them back and eat them before I walk onto the field.”

The Why: “It’s like this, Popeye had his spinach and I have my sunflower seeds. I don’t know if it’s the salt in them or what, but I definitely feel way more powerful when I’ve eaten my sunflower seeds. I wouldn’t be able to play without them I don’t think.”

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