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Student shot and killed following Simeon-Morgan Park basketball game

According to the Chicago Tribune, 17-year-old Tyrone Lawson was shot and killed last night after a fight broke out following a high school basketball game between Simeon and Morgan Park at Chicago State University.

Police told the Tribune that Lawson was shot outside of the gym and two people were taken into custody.

Tensions reportedly ran high during the game and an argument broke out in the postgame handshake line. According to the Tribune, players from both teams were held in the locker room longer than normal after the game.

WGN-TV reports that Lawson was an honor student at Morgan Park. The station talked to one individual who attended the game who said there were fights inside and outside of the gym throughout the night.

In September, a football game between Simeon and Morgan Park was called off in the third quarter after a fight erupted in the stands and one person was stabbed.

Simeon, which is ranked No. 11 in the latest Super 25, is led by Duke commit Jabari Parker.

Thanks to Max Preps for the heads up.



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