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Strengthen hamstrings with the physioball leg curl

10:58 AM, Jul. 30, 2012 EDT

The squat is one of the best strength-building exercises for your lower-body. Improving this area is essential for every move you make on the field and you must not forget about your backside. Here’s one exercise to help you develop it.

What it is: Physioball Leg Curl
Recommended by: Drew Wilson, Maryland football director of strength and conditioning
Why and how it helps: The back part of your lower body is often undertrained, according to Wilson, who recommends leg curls on a physioball as one way to strengthen the area.

The exercise develops your hamstrings and glutes, which help produce the force needed to run fast and jump high.

How to perform
Physioball Leg Curl

  • Lie down on back of ball with legs straight
  • Rest ankles on top of ball
  • Align arms so body is in “T” position
  • Raise hips and curl ball in
  • Extend hips and legs back out
  • Repeat

Form tip: Lead curl with hips; body will be in bridge position at top
Sets/Reps: Perform 3 sets of 5 reps




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