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How You Proved Yourself: OSU commit Stephen Clark dishes on his defining moment

Every athlete has experienced a moment when their teammates and peers knew they were a force to be reckoned with. Twice a week we’ll let high school athletes dish on the moment when they proved they belonged. Share your "Prove Yourself" moment and you'll be entered for a chance to win an iPad.

This week we caught up with Douglas (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) point guard Stephen Clark, an Oklahoma State commit.

When was your defining moment?

“It was a game during my freshman year when we went to Dallas for a tournament. I came off the bench and had 31 points.”

Can you remember how you felt coming into that game?

“I was really nervous because I’m the young guy on the team and it was early in the season. I was nervous and a little anxious too.”

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What did it feel like to start making those shots?

“It felt great. The nervousness started leaving and I ended up hitting like four 3-pointers in a row. It was a great feeling.”

What was the reception like from your teammates and fans after that game?

“They were pretty shocked. Everyone just told me to keep it up and stay focused.”

In hindsight, was this the moment that changed your mindset from thinking you could be dominant to knowing it?

“Yeah, I proved it to myself and that was the biggest thing I needed. I knew that I had it in me, but it’s just so much different when you actually do it. I just took that game and ran with it.”

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