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How You Proved Yourself: Stanford commit Peter Kalambayi recalls his defining moment

Peter Kalambayi proved himself at Nike camps before his sophomore year. / Courtesy of Butler High School

Every athlete has experienced a moment when their teammates and peers knew they were a force to be reckoned with. Twice a week we’ll let high school athletes dish on the moment when they proved they belonged. Share your "Prove Yourself" moment and you'll be entered for a chance to win an iPad.

This week we caught up with Butler (Matthews, N.C.) linebacker Peter Kalambayi, a Stanford commit.

When was your defining moment?

“It was the summer before my sophomore year when I went to the Nike camps and I did really well. I never knew how good I was because my school is really good and I was always around good players. But when I went there I saw that I was really good. That’s when my recruitment picked up.”

Can you remember how you felt coming into that game?

“Well, I wanted to prove myself so I was determined. I am one of those guys that likes to compete in everything so I knew if I shined there with all of those great players it would be great for me.”

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What did it feel like to start making big plays and standing out against that elite-level competition?

“Oh it felt great. It really did something to me. Like I said, it showed me that I was actually a really good player.”

In hindsight, was this the moment that changed your mindset from thinking you could be dominant to knowing it?

“Yeah. You always have people telling you what you could be and how much potential you have then to go out there and get it done and have the colleges talking to you just changes your whole mindset. You just start to know you’re the best. It’s like your confidence grows so much when you have that defining moment.”

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