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Sony releases MLB 13 The Show video game

Daily Dose: New feature helps gamers learn baseball fundamentals

Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen headlines Sony's "MLB 13 The Show" video game.  / Sony

The latest edition of the MLB The Show franchise officially drops today for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

Call it the most complete iteration to date, MLB 13 promises to bring the most realistic baseball experience ever with enhanced gameplay. Unlike previous versions, the game is made to be more accessible with its new Beginner Mode that teaches pitching and hitting.

Cover athlete and Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder Andrew McCutchen along with Sony’s MLB 13 The Show community manager Ramone Russell told us all about it. Catch the scoop below. 

Give us the rundown about one of the game’s most innovative features.
If you’re playing the game for the first time, it can be quite daunting. We always look at the game we made the year before and see what our triumphs and failures were — people kept saying hitting was difficult.

So we created Beginner Mode to teach how to pitch and hit. The pitcher throws fastballs down the plate until you learn how to hit. Once you do that, [the game] progresses. If you couldn’t hit last year, you’ll definitely be able to this year.

McCutchen: If you’ve never played the game before, [the mode] basically teaches you what a fastball is, what a curveball is and what a strike is. The better you get, the more advanced it gets.

What change to the game allows for hitting to be more successful?
We’ve opened the timing window — there’s a chance for more offense. It doesn’t mean you’re going to score 50 runs. It just means you’ll be more successful than you were in the past.

Tell us about the game’s graphics.
We spent a ton of time capturing batting stances, signature animations like home run swings, closing celebrations, pitching motions and stadium updates (like adding the Seattle Mariners JumboTron) to keep [the game's] realism ahead of the curve.

McCutchen: The designers used actors to mimic me and they had it down to a T as far as my swing. It’s pretty cool and a little freakish — everything is so accurate. The batting stance is the same and your antics, like when I walk to the plate. It’s definitely pretty fun to be able to see that.

Highlight another mode gamers will appreciate with MLB 13.
This year we’ve really upped the fun factor with Post Season Mode, which allows you to get in the game and see what it’s like to be in the playoffs. You’re going to have much more fun playing this version.



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