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Referee recovers after suffering heart attack during HS game

Video captured Robert Singer's scary collapse

12:09 PM, Oct. 02, 2012 EDT

Video uploaded to YouTube by PlayOn Sports captured a frightening moment during the third quarter of Friday's game between Windermere (Fla.) Prep and host Seffner (Fla.) Christian Academy.

Referee Robert Singer placed the ball at the 40-yard line as Seffner Christian Academy prepared to kick off and walked to his position along the sideline. Just before SCA's players ran up to the line of scrimmage, Singer collapsed. 

Another referee blew his whistle to stop the game and rushed over to Singer, while others on the field got the attention of the emergency personnel who were assigned to the game. An ambulance arrived at the scene one minute later.

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"It was pretty scary," Seffner Christian Academy Athletic Director Andy Holmes told Fox 13. "He lost consciousness over there, so they're performing CPR, They got the AED out, they were shocking him. It was like sheer terror. It seemed like it went on forever where he wasn't breathing. They didn't have a heartbeat. I was afraid he was going to die."

FOX 13 caught up with Singer, who had suffered a heart attack, as he was recovering in his hospital bed. 

"It's really nice people are so concerned about me," said Singer, who also joked that he should have given himself a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for delay of game.

The game resumed 25 minutes later. Windermere Prep would go on to win, 17-14.



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