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Puma releases new running shoe for guys

Daily Dose: Toori shoe design inspired by anime

The new Puma Toori running shoe takes design inspiration from Japanese comic strips.  / Puma

What: Puma Toori Run Y Shoe
When: Available now
How much: $95
Where: puma.com and Finish Line
The Scoop: Meet the Toori, Puma’s new running shoe for guys, and it’s as stylish as it is functional.

The design stands apart for its vibrant appearance — thick black lines trace all around the shoe’s yellow and blue body. The style borrows cues from Japanese comic strips (aka anime) and is also inspired by Tokyo’s bright city lights.

The distinctive look gives license to wear the kick with your every day threads — the stroke of color and bold graphics are sure to prompt double takes.

Looks aside, the shoe has positive performance features to keep your feet protected and comfortable during training.

The mesh upper allows your foot to breathe, and the cushioned heel absorbs shock from heavy pounding on the ground.

The blown-rubber bottom provides grippy traction, which comes in handy if your training surface is a little uneven or slick.



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