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Puma backpack made to move with the body

Daily Dose: Mobium design complements twisting motion of upper body

The Puma Mobium Backpack features a two-compartment design to complement the body's twisting motion.  / Puma

What: Puma Mobium Backpack
When: Available now
How much: $120
Where: puma.com
The Scoop: An initial glance at Puma’s Mobium Backpack might cause slight head scratching. The bag has a unique look, no doubt — one that’s not so much style-oriented, though its appearance makes a strong case.

The Mobium is actually geared toward runners, as it’s got a built in hole for a hydration system. The hole can also be used to thread audio cables, making it suitable for non-runners to sport around when in need of little storage on the go.

The bag stands out for it’s hourglass-like design, which is purposed to address the body’s twisting motion, since the upper and lower areas move opposite each other.

Two separate compartments are sized for small goods like a cell phone, wallet, keys and an electronic device. You can even pack a change of training clothes for the gym. Minimalists can appreciate the detachable bottom compartment.  



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