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Prime Prep gets hyped with pregame dunk circle

From Michael Jordan’s obsession with rocking North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls shorts during games to Serena Williams’ need to bounce the tennis ball five times before her first serve, athletes have long been believers that superstitions give them the added edge they need to get in the zone before games.

Every week we’ll take a look at some of the wackiest superstitions athletes and coaches from around the country implement. This week we caught up with Prime Prep (Dallas) forward Elijah Thomas, a sophomore, and had him dish on his team’s pregame superstition.

The Superstition: Dunk circle  

The Breakdown: “Basically while the other team is on the other side of the court doing layup lines we all get right under the basket in a circle and each of us take turns dunking off the vertical leap. And every time we dunk we all yell ‘Ooh!’ We all really get into it. It’s our thing.”

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The Why: “It gets us really hyped up to play before the games so we love to do it. It sends a message to the other team that they better be ready to play, otherwise they’re getting dunked on. But they’ll probably be getting dunked on anyway.”

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