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Deion Sanders on the Unofficial Prime Prep Anthem: 'We Don't Sing, We Play Ball'

Deion Sanders hasn't heard Prime Prep's unofficial anthem in its entirety. / Brian Spurlock, USA TODAY Sports

Thanks to Dallas hip-hop artist Mo Stone, Prime Prep Academy (Dallas), the No. 9 team in the Super 25 boys basketball rankings, has an unofficial anthem. Nobody will confuse it with Michigan's Hail to the Victors or Texas A&M's Aggie War Hymn, and that's the point.

LISTEN: Prime Prep Anthem
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The song starts out with "Prime Prep, Prime Prep, Prime Prep, it's time to run 'em out the building,"  and includes a few other great lines, such as "There's no scrubs on this squad, everybody here balls."

Deion Sanders, the co-founder of the school, told USA TODAY High School Sports that he had heard the song played at the school's basketball games, but had not heard the song in its entirety, nor seen the lyrics. Sanders said the anthem isn't the school's official anthem, since it doesn't have one.

"We don't sing," Sanders said. "We play ball. What happens in an inner city when you have success, there's a local DJ who feels obligated to bless you. That's kind of how that happens. Someone did that for us. We certainly didn't ask for it. It certainly is appreciated by the team."

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Despite its high ranking and 25-0 record, Prime Prep is not a member of Texas' University Interscholastic League and has to scramble to find games. Sanders said he would love to see his team play top-ranked Findlay Prep (Henderson, Nev.), which is scheduled to play Friday against Estacado (Lubbock, Texas).

"How can they come to Texas and not play us?" Sanders said. "Tell them we'll pick them up at the airport." 

Findlay Prep coach Todd Simon responded after hearing of Sanders' challenge.

"No, we are not playing them," Simon said. "(We may play) possibly in the National High School Invitational, but I wasn't going to rearrange our schedule for them. We get about 30 teams a year wanting to schedule in season but that's not what we are about."



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