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Pick your embarrassment

Quarterbacks must have a short memory when it comes to interceptions, but that's not so easy

1:11 PM, Oct. 30, 2012 EDT

Devante Kincade is headed to the SEC, where he'll play quarterback at Ole Miss. / Gerry Hamilton/247Sports

Skyline (Dallas) quarterback Devante Kincade doesn’t even want to talk about the possibility of it.

The mere mention of the word makes him cringe.

“Interception, man? You really want to talk about throwing a pick?” Kincade asked with a laugh. “Aw man, when I throw an interception it feels like the world’s gonna end. It’s so embarrassing.”

Kincade was quick to point out that said instances “hardly ever happen.” But when they do, the effect is devastating.

“Think about how embarrassing it would be to get your girlfriend taken,” Kincade said. “That’s almost how embarrassing it is to throw an interception. It’s the worst.”

We asked Kincade and two other elite quarterbacks to break down what’s going through the quarterback’s mind when he throws a pick and - perhaps more importantly - what the best way is to play it off.

J.T. BARRETT, Rider (Wichita Falls, Texas), 2013

Committed to: Ohio State

Initial reaction: “I feel like I’m the only guy in the stadium who didn’t see the guy who got the pick. I mean it’s the loneliest feeling in sports. No one’s on your side, no matter what they say. You feel pretty dumb because everyone in the stands is looking at you like ‘How in the world did you throw that ball?’ It’s so embarrassing, man, I can’t even tell you.”

How to play it off: “Well, the first thing you’ve got to know is that you can’t play it off. You threw an interception and everyone saw it. You’ve got to take a couple seconds for yourself. I go sit on the bench by myself and think about what I just did. Then on the next series I go out there and I have to throw a touchdown pass. That’s how I play it off; I make them forget I threw the pick.”

DEVANTE KINCADE, Skyline (Dallas), 2013

Committed to: Mississippi

Initial reaction: “I physically start to feel sick. Like my stomach really starts to hurt. I just think that everyone is looking at me and they are (ticked) off that I just threw that interception. Man, it’s so embarrassing. I just look at the clock and wish it was two minutes later. I want that moment to be over.”

How to play it off: “I go into acting mode and start clapping my hands and yelling to my teammates that everything’s gonna be all right. I do mean it, but it’s more about doing something to get past the embarrassment. Then I’ve got to come back on the next series and end up with a touchdown. That’s no question. That’s the only way to end that embarrassment.”

CODY THOMAS, Heritage (Colleyville, Texas), 2013

Committed to: Oklahoma

Initial reaction: “I’m wide-eyed. My first thought is ‘Oh my God, why did I just do that?’ I just feel like a bonehead because I know immediately why that throw was picked off, and I just want to take it back. Then you know your teammates are mad at you. It’s beyond embarrassing. You just want that moment to be over. It’s lonely out there man.”

How to play it off: “Well, the first thing I do is try and tackle the guy who intercepted the pass. Then at least I could say I saved the touchdown. When I get to the sideline I let my teammates know that it won’t happen again. Even though you’re embarrassed you’ve got to come off as confident and like it’s not bothering you too much because everyone’s looking at you. As hard as it is you’ve got to just move on.”



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