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Parent makes rape and death threats after coach pulls daughter from volleyball game

6:24 PM, Nov. 05, 2012 EST

There are appropriate ways for a parent or guardian to respond when he disagrees with the amount of playing time a high school coach is giving a loved one. And then there's what John J. Kasik reportedly did.

The Chicago Tribune reports that Kasik made death threats to the Lisle (Ill.) volleyball coach and athletic director, and threatened to rape two members of the coach's family after his daughter was removed from a volleyball match in October.

Kasik was charged with telephone harrassment, battery and disorderly conduct.

“It’s disturbing for a number of reasons,” DuPage County State's Attorney Robert Berlin said last week. “It’s a parent obviously not using good judgment.”

According to the Tribune's report, Kasik followed Lisle's athletic director to his house after the match and made threatening calls to the head coach's home later that night.

Kasik met with the Lisle athletic director the following day and the school contacted police after Kasik became enraged. Kasik was arrested and appeared in court, where his bail was set at $300,000.



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