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North Carolina State football recruiter sends interesting form letters


North Carolina State hired Drew Hughes as its Director of Player Personnel earlier this month and it didn't take long for him to make a splash on the football recruiting trail.

Wilson (Hunt, N.C.) safety Dexter Wright posted the photo above to his Instagram account. It's a recruiting letter from Hughes, which concludes with the following highlighted note: NC STATE NEEDS = BALLERS. YOU = BALLER.

The letter went viral, appearing on SB Nation's college football blog EDSBS and later on Deadspin.

Then, Thomas Dale (Chester, Va.) recruit CJ Reavis posted an identical letter to his Instagram account. Hughes, it appears, photocopied a bunch of the same letters and personalized them by adding the recruit's name at the top. (Looking at Wright's letter, the way the 'I' in 'Impact' and 'C' in 'Create' are cut off on the left side gives this away.)

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While several sites have mocked Hughes for the tactic, he obviously knows what he's doing. Prior to landing the NC State gig, he was the Director of Player Personnel at UCF and spent five years as a recruiting specialist on Nick Saban's staff at Alabama. Besides, would you rather receive a typed form letter or one that opens with, "WHAT UP Big Time?!!"

Hughes seems to be carrying on just fine.

Thanks to EDSBS for the heads up.



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