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Top safety Nick Glass hopes to recruit others to Georgia

10:37 AM, Nov. 06, 2012 EST

Nick Glass is arguably the most feared safety in high school football, regardless of class.Glass, a junior at St. Pius X (Atlanta), is already committed to Georgia, but that hasn’t stopped other elite schools like Michigan, Ohio State, Alabama, Florida, Florida State and Notre Dame, among others, from staging an intense pursuit.Glass has agreed to give USA TODAY High School Sports exclusive access into his world by chronicling everything from intimate details about his recruitment to his everyday life in a monthly blog.

What’s up everybody, I’m back with my new blog and the first thing I’ve got to let you guys know is that I got hurt.

Crazy right? I tore my groin in half at practice a few weeks ago and had to sit out one game. I’m at about 80 percent now.

I know it sounds crazy to say that you tore your groin in half, it definitely sounded crazy to me, but I’m just focused on getting back to 100 percent.

Basically I didn’t stretch it as well as I should’ve, but I’m doing better now.

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My team is doing pretty good right now. We’re 7-2, and I think we’re looking good for states.

I’ve definitely been going to see my Georgia Bulldogs play this season as much as possible.

I’ve been to the Georgia-Tennessee game and I went to the Georgia-Ole Miss game last weekend. I love being in the atmosphere there. It’s definitely home for me.

Since my last blog schools have picked up their recruitment even more.

It’s been crazy.

UCLA, Clemson, Tennessee, Alabama and Ohio State are just a few schools that feel like they can make me change my commitment from Georgia to their school.

I will say this: I’m open to listening to what they have to say.

The coaches hit me up on Facebook pretty much every day saying some of everything.

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The craziest message I got recently was a one of the coaches from Clemson telling me to “turn-up” on my birthday. I busted out laughing because I couldn’t believe that a college coach had just told me to “turn-up.” That was just funny to me.

Those schools have always been recruiting me, but lately they’ve been coming at me a lot harder. Georgia definitely has stayed in close contact with me too though. I talk to every coach on the staff there. Not just the head coach. Every coach.

They definitely are doing everything to keep me there and I’m really close to all of them. We have the type of relationship where it feels like I’m already a player there. I like that a lot.

In my last blog I told you guys I was 95 percent committed to Georgia and that hasn’t changed.

I definitely do my fair share of recruiting, trying to get some big-time guys to join me at Georgia.

I’m going hard after two guys in my class: Raekwon McMillan and Myles Autry.

Raekwon is probably the top linebacker in the country in 2014 and Myles is a monster running back. He’s top five in the country. So hopefully I can get them to come on with me.

I’ll go ahead and give you guys my pick for the national championship game, just remember where you heard it first. Georgia will play Alabama, and I have Georgia winning.

I think if Georgia’s defense plays like it did against Florida and we limit turnovers we’ve got a really good shot at getting there and winning it. If we win the SEC title we’ll go to the national title game, no doubt.

OK, getting away from football I want to tell you guys that school is going pretty well too. I had to turn in a project on mitochondria and I think I did pretty well on that. I’m expecting an A.

Oh, and my birthday is Wednesday (November 7). I’m sure I’ll do something fun, but right now I’m not sure what. We’ll see.

OK everyone, I definitely appreciate you reading my new blog and make sure you come back soon for my next one.

Go Bulldogs!

Don’t forget to follow Glass on Twitter: @Nick_Glass24.



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