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Mitt Romney and Big Bird get down during halftime show

Beaumont Central band reminds everyone to vote

7:20 PM, Nov. 05, 2012 EST

It wasn't publicized, but a fourth presidential debate was held Saturday in Texas and it was the most contentious -- and entertaining -- of them all.

During halftime of Beaumont Central's 44-28 win over Little Cypress-Mauriceville, Beaumont Central's band director reminded everyone to vote before a dance-off broke out between students dressed as Romney and Big Bird. The back-flipping band member in the white shirt and bow-tie reportedly represented Barack Obama.

Big Bird, apparently upset with Romney's pledge to cut federal funding for public broadcasting, slugs the Republican nominee. Romney gets right back up and joins in an amicable dance number with Big Bird, who appears to have borrowed a rain jacket from the stadium Security staff.

"Now turn, turn, turn, turn," the band director shouts. "Haters gonna hate but they don't wanna learn."

Romney and Big Bird learn to put their differences aside, though, sharing a handshake toward the end of the video.

No matter where your political allegiances lie, this sure beats another political ad. 



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