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Missy Franklin gets SCUBA certification for a good cause


Missy Franklin was at the Denver Aquarium last weekend, finishing her SCUBA certification and representing a good cause.

The Olympic hero, who got certified with her best friend Abby Cutler, is an athlete ambassador for Boulder-based filmmaker Kurt Miller. Miller's latest film, "The Current," is about the freedom water brings to people with disabilities.

WATCH: Franklin balances bottle on forehead while backstroking
PHOTOS: Franklin in high school

"For water to be such a great way for everyone to be equal," Franklin told KUSA Denver. "As soon as you get down there everyone is exactly the same. It doesn't matter if you have an amputated arm or a leg or you have all four limbs. We are all exactly the same."

(Did Missy Franklin -- four-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Missy Franklin -- really say that water is a great way for everyone to be equal? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Maybe Franklin should wear SCUBA gear at the next Olympics.)

But seriously, for more on the movie and Miller's non-profit, visit MakeAHero.org.



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