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(VIDEO) Mike Bibby ejected from son's game for arguing with ref

Seventeen years ago, Arizona basketball legend Mike Bibby led Phoenix Shadow Mountain to its first state title. On Friday, Bibby was in the stands to watch his son, freshman point guard Michael Bibby, in a sectional game against Sierra Linda.

Shadow Mountain won, but the elder Bibby wasn't there for the final buzzer. According to ABC15.com, the 14-year pro was ejected from the game and escorted out of the gym by police after arguing with the refs.

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Bibby, who smiled as we was escorted out of the gym, called into an Arizona radio station on Monday to explain his side of the story.

"I think the ref had a little ego problem before the game started," Bibby told Arizona Sports 620. "I kind of got on him early in the game and he told the police to watch me, or whatever. I was just sitting there and I told him, 'That was a bad angle, number 23 wasn't in the play, ref,' and he just pointed to the police and the police came and got me."

It sounds like the ref has a bit of a short fuse, but now he can tell his friends he ejected an NBA player from a game.

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