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Midweek Roundtable: Who would you host for a visit?

12:12 PM, Sep. 26, 2012 EDT

We here at USA TODAY High School Sports love a good-natured debate. Every Wednesday, we'll invite you into our sometimes serious, sometimes light-hearted (but always passionate) takes on various topics that pertain to high school sports, and feature commentary from high school athletes. We invite everyone to sound off in the comments and on Twitter and Facebook. Go ahead, tell us why we're wrong. We'll try not to take it personally.

Last week we asked, "Should high school coaches be allowed to recruit?" This week we decided to have some fun.


Jim Halley, Reporter

If I could have anyone in my house for an in-home visit, that would be incredibly intoxicating. Here are a few names who come to mind. I never got to meet John Wooden while he was alive and it would be awesome to talk basketball with the legend. As far as current coaches go, if I was a football recruit, Alabama assistant Kirby Smart is supposed to be the best salesman out there, so I would be interested in his pitch. But, since I'm a writer and I have read nearly everything Elmore Leonard has written, I would love to talk writing with Dutch, whom I share a birthday with.

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Jason Jordan, Reporter

I would want an in-home visit with David Simon. I know that’s completely random, but I personally believe that “The Wire” was one of the top three greatest series to hit TV and since Simon’s the creator he’s the perfect one to answer my questions like: Did Michael become the new Omar? Did Marlo go back to the streets? Was that Omar’s twin brother that Kinard took out? These are the questions that millions want to know and Simon is the man that can give us the answers. I anticipate this would be a lengthy in-home visit. See now I’m mad this isn’t real.

Sarah Gearhart, Reporter

Well, I love to cook, but I love to eat even more. So I'd definitely invite Giada De Laurentiis for an intense discussion about cooking and request several demos of my favorite dishes. Then, we'd revel in a delicious multi-course meal with my second-choice guest, Chuck Klosterman, whose presence I can only imagine guarantees hours of sharp humor and laughter.

Scott Allen, Content Producer

I'd host Lance Easley, the replacement official who made the controversial (okay, blatantly wrong) call at the end of Monday's Seahawks-Packers game. I feel bad for the guy; it's not his fault that he's been thrust into a job that he's not qualified to. Other people I'd love to host, in no particular order: Cal Ripken, Bryce Harper, RGIII, Alex Ovechkin and John Wall.

David Scott, Content Manager

Hmmm, the choices. I would say Urban Meyer. I always hear recruits say that he is so intense on recruiting visits and is known as one of the best recruiters in the nation, so I would like to see how he gets the job done. What does he say to the athletes that make them buy in? I guess I'll never know but whatever it is, it's working. Go Bucks!


Anthony "Cat" Barber, Basketball, Class of 2013, Hampton (Va.)

I would want an in-home with LeBron James. He’s my favorite player. I’d probably ask him basic stuff like how it feels to be a NBA superstar and stuff like that. I wouldn’t ask him to try on his championship ring though, I won my own state title last year.

Michelle Cruz, Volleyball, Class of 2013, Immaculate Heart Academy (Washington Township, N.J.)

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Kerri Walsh. She'd make for some really good dinner conversations. She could share her experiences and teach me what it means to be a truly dedicated athlete since she's someone who has reached almost her full potential as an athlete. She's someone I could learn a lot from.

Khendell Puryear, Football, Class of 2014, Lincoln (Brooklyn, N.Y.)

I would host none other than Larry Fitzgerald. My teammates call me Larry because they say I look like him and have big play ability like him. But I love Larry Fitzgerald; he's always smiling, never complaining, always working hard and seems like the type of person you can call a role model but he probably wouldn't call himself because he is so modest.

Eric Dungey, Football, Class of 2015, Lakeridge (Ore.)

I'd have to say Robert Griffin lll, because we play the same position and he is very successful at what he does and I would enjoy learning from him.

JJ McGrath, Football, Class of 2013, Macomb Lutheran North (Mich.)

I would definitely have Kim Kardashian over...just for some romantic conversation.

Deion Sanders, NFL Hall of Famer and NFL Network Analyst

Barry Switzer or Redd Foxx. Their style, personality, humor, honesty (and what) they represent. TRUTH.



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