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Oregon high school football foes rewarded with pizza

10:14 AM, Nov. 06, 2012 EST

The Mayor’s Trophy – usually incorrectly referred to as the Mayor’s Cup – has been fought for between the football teams from North Salem (Ore.) and South Salem (Ore.) for about half a century.

McNary (Ore.) and West Salem (Ore.) now have a similar trophy, and a better reward.

Though West Salem won the trophy with a 24-20 win on Oct. 26, both teams were rewarded with a pizza party Monday night at Walery’s Pizza in West Salem.

The idea came from first-year McNary head coach Isaac Parker, nephew of Walery’s owner Dave Walery.

“The original plan was to give the winning team a pizza party,” said Walery, a McNary graduate. “These guys work their butts off, they’re all deserving, so I said both teams get to have a pizza party.

“They’re all friends with each other. This builds up good comeraderie, we’ll have them all on the same night.”

McNary offensive coordinator Josh Vanlue spent a good part of the past decade involved with the Mayor’s Trophy rivalry as a player and assistant coach at South Salem.

“For me, I grew up on Walery’s Pizza so it’s a huge, huge motivation for me,” Vanlue said.

The biggest competition of the night was who was going to eat the most pizza:

For McNary, 155-pound sophomore running back Jeremy Williams ate the most, 26 pieces of pizza.

Walery pointed out West Salem lineman Matt Sommer as the likely candidate to eat the most.

Sommer ate a modest four pieces, though he stuck around to cheer on teammate Bronson Kleiber, who is listed at 260 pounds and was demolishing a pizza.

“Bronson’s going to do it,” Sommer said. “Bronson’s going for 50 today. He can eat 50 pieces of pizza. 42 is his record. He’s had nine. He’s just getting started, though.”



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