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Playful fight between high school mascots elevates into brawl

In a scene reminiscent of the Oregon Duck's encounter with the Houston Cougar, two Louisville high school mascots fought during halftime of Friday's basketball game between rivals Male and Manual.

There's no mention in the Louisville Courier-Journal's recap of the game as to what prompted the melee, and it's hard to tell exactly when the fight, which was supposed to be playful, turned real. The Ram, who delivers a flying kick to the Bulldog's midsection at the 5-second mark, would appear to be the aggressor, but perhaps that move was scripted. We may never know.

Several students rushed the court toward the end of the brawl, while an adult attempted to separate the mascots. Louisville's WDRB.com reports that students from the rival schools fought after the game, which isn't cool.

Male defeated Manual 63-45.

Thanks to Yardbarker for the heads up.



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