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Not passing on sportsmanship

Massachusetts basketball player passes ball to opponent who suffers from cerebral palsy for a chance at his first career basket

Rarely will you witness a competitive basketball player simply hand over the ball to the opponent for an open shot. Well, at least not intentionally.

During a junior varsity basketball game in Massachusetts on Wednesday night, Mahar's Xavier Godette bounced a pass to Athol team manager Colby Newcombe, who has cerebral palsy, giving him an opportunity to score his first career hoop.

Talk about sportsmanship.

Newcombe was sent into the game with 45 seconds to play and his team leading 69-53. After missing his first two shots, a rebound landed in the hands of Godette.

Naturally, both teams began sprinting to the other end of the court. But Godette still had hope, as he passed the ball to Newcombe, who then scored his first basket.

According to the Athol Daily News, Athol athletic director David P. King issued a statement today. It read, in part:

"On behalf of the Athol High School community and supporters of interscholastic athletics, we would like to send a sincere thank you to Xavier Godette and the Mahar Senators basketball program for showing such an incredible act of kindness."

You can watch Newcombe's basket below.



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