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Louisville Slugger BBCOR-certified bat aims to provide trampoline effect

Daily Dose: Hit with more pop with the Exogrid3

The Louisville Slugger Exogrid3 is a BBCOR-certified high school baseball bat designed with a high-performance technology that keeps the swing weight low.  / Louisville Slugger

What: Louisville Slugger Exogrid3 BBCOR Baseball Bat
When: Available now
How much: $299
Where: dickssportinggoods.com
The Scoop: As if you need a reason to get excited for baseball season, here’s another plus for getting back on the diamond: the Exogrid3, a high-performance, BBCOR-certified bat designed to give you a trampoline-like effect when you hit. It’s among the newest and always-innovative bats produced by Louisville Slugger.
The Exogrid3 is designed with Flex Band technology, which keeps the walls of the bat thinner using a 1-inch wide graphite band inside the barrel. This keeps the swing weight lower compared to most other bats, which have thicker walls of excess aluminum in order to meet BBCOR standards.
The one-piece construction and carbon composite inserts contribute to greater handle stiffness, which translates to a trampoline-like pop when you hit.



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