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Charlotte Bobcats guard Kemba Walker talks shoes and style

Pro baller discusses his shoe needs and style tips

11:42 AM, Nov. 16, 2012 EST

Whether he's on or off the court, Charlotte Bobcats guard Kemba Walker is no stranger to wearing colorful sneakers. / Sam Sharpe-US PRESSWIRE

Point guard Kemba Walker is a man on the move. The former college All-American is best known for leading UConn to the 2011 NCAA championship.

Thereafter, Walker elevated his game to the pro court when he was selected No. 9 overall by the Charlotte Bobcats during the 2011 NBA Draft.

And he’s hardly slowed down since wrapping his rookie year. During the transition to this season, we caught up with Walker about shoes and style.

What do you look for in a training shoe?
The lightness of the shoe, comfort, definitely, and flexibility so I can cut and run. I do a lot of cutting, so I need a sneaker that won’t hurt my feet or turn my ankle.

Your game is intense. How often do you have to switch kicks?
I damage [my] sneakers in one game. I’m cutting all around the place and doing a lot of running, so I pretty much wear a different pair of sneakers for every game.

You train in the UA Spine shoe. What are your thoughts on it?
I love them. They’re really comfortable, and the style is nice.

Speaking of style, do you wear these sneaks out and about?
Not only can you train in them, you can be real casual in them. You can wear them with jeans [and] if you’re walking around, you can just throw them on and wear them just to chill.

OK. What’s a style tip for wearing training kicks for a chill look?
I’m a simple guy. I always cuff my jeans, and I usually wear my sneakers untied and real loose.



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