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Junior Olympic national champ Marcus Chambers talks music

Daily Dose: Oregon track commit gets going with hip-hop and gospel

Henry Foss (Tacoma, Wash.) senior Marcus Chambers knows what he wants and commits to achieving his target. Three years ago, he gave up playing basketball — one of his greatest passions — to pursue track full-time.

“I wanted to see what I could do if I was strictly committed to track,” Chambers says.

The answer: a 3A state title and Junior Olympic National Champion (both for 400 meters).

Impressive to say the least. No wonder Chambers’ speed was sought after by Baylor, UCLA, LSU and Southern California.

The Oregon commit doesn’t need many external sources to get motived before stepping onto the track, but sometimes a little music allows him to really zone in. Here, Chambers tell us what gets him ready to go.

What's the role of music as part of your pre-race prep?
Music gets my mind focused and helps me think about the race. I don’t like anyone trying to talk to me. I keep to myself.

What’s your favorite music genre?
Hip-hop gets me pumped and ready to go. I listen to Lil Wayne, Tyga and 2 Chainz.

Tell us about your playlist selection process.
My best friend is a big music guy so he puts music on my iPod. My mom wants to make sure I’m not just a hip-hop guy — she loves her gospel music. She puts it on my iPod, too. It’s funny.

How about your dad — does he influence your music preferences?
My dad’s a big 90s music guy, so I listen to it when I’m hanging with him.

Do you ever rock out to anything unexpected?
Selena Gomez. I like the way she sings. I am a fan of all of her music.



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