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Joe Flacco's legend was born in high school

Joe Flacco's senior portrait. / Courtesy of Audubon HS

The two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl produce all sorts of interesting anecdotes about the players involved. Not surprisingly, the starting quarterbacks are particularly popular subjects with the media.

According to an article in the New York Post by Kevin Kernan, soft-spoken Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was quite the stud in high school. In the article, Flacco's coach for three of his four years at Audubon (N.J.), Mark Deal, recalled the time that Flacco stood at midfield, took one step and threw a ball off the top upright, just as he'd said he would. 

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“Now, remember, he’s 50 yards away, the end zone is another 10 yards and it’s the top of the upright, about a 75-yard throw,’’ Deal said.

Kernan also talked to Flacco's dad, Steve, who said he taught Joe to horse-collar opponents when Joe played safety.

Joe Flacco at safety? It's true.

“We used to call him the ‘Long Arm of the Law,’ ” Steve told Kernan. “He’d yank them out of their shoes.”

The Ravens certainly hope Flacco is throwing more 75-yard darts -- like the game-tying touchdown he threw to Jacoby Jones in Baltimore's Divisional Playoff win over Denver -- and making fewer horse-collar tackles on Sunday.



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