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How You Proved Yourself: Ole Miss commit Devante Kincade recalls his defining moment

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Every athlete has experienced a moment when their teammates and peers knew they were a force to be reckoned with. Twice a week we’ll let high school athletes dish on the moment when they proved they belonged. Share your "Prove Yourself" moment and you'll be entered for a chance to win an iPad.

This week we caught up with Skyline (Dallas) quarterback Devante Kincade, an Ole Miss commit.

When was your defining moment?

“Last year when I went to the Elite 11 in Dallas. I left that camp as the top rated quarterback there. That was when the nation started taking notice.”  

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Can you remember how you felt coming into that game?

“I knew that every big-time quarterback in the country would be there and I really knew that this was a time for me to show what I could do. I was anxious, I guess you could say.”  

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What did it feel like when you began to emerge as the top quarterback at such a prestigious camp?

“It was unreal. I had everything going great for me. I was making the best throws and making all of the right reads. I was definitely in the zone. It was the perfect time to be clicking for me.”  

What was the reception like from coaches and players at the camp?

“Everyone just kept telling me to keep going hard. They were congratulating me and everything like that. It felt good, but I knew that it only meant I had even more work to do.”

In hindsight was this the moment that changed your mindset from thinking you could be dominant to knowing it?

“I left there with a No. 1 mindset. I left there carrying myself like I was the best quarterback in the country. Trent Dilfer was there and I really asked him a lot of questions about what I could be doing better even though I was ranked No. 1. I was hungry, and that never left me.”

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