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High school team mascot-turned-QB throws winning TD

12:51 PM, Oct. 20, 2012 EDT

In one of the more amazing position switches of our time, Paul Laurence Dunbar (Lexington, Ky.) junior Trent Bauer went from starting TM to starting QB in a matter of weeks. TM, in case you were wondering, would be Team Mascot.

Bauer, whose Twitter profile indicates that mascotting is his fame, opened the season in Dunbar's furry Bulldog costume, putting smiles on fans' faces during an otherwise dreary 45-6 loss to Eastern (Lexington, Ky.).

Last week, Bauer had the fans screaming for another reason; his 50-yard touchdown pass with 8 seconds left sparked a 22-19 upset of Henry Clay (Lexington, Ky.), a team Dunbar hadn't beaten in 11 tries. 

"It's amazing," Bauer told the Lexington Herald-Leader after the game. "I didn't think this would ever happen in my lifetime."

Bauer's coach, Derrick Thomas, was equally amazed.

"You couldn't write a movie script better than that," he said.

(If we were writing the movie script, Bauer would play quarterback in the Bulldog costume, a la NCAA Football's Mascot Mashup.)

Bauer's improbable transformation has garnered national attention and Good Morning America traveled to Lexington to do a story on him on Friday.

Dunbar lost to Scott County (Georgetown, Ky.), 68-6, last night, and has one game remaining in the regular season.

Bauer said he plans to be the mascot for the basketball team this season. At least until he takes over as the starting point guard in mid-December.



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