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High school players react to adidas' new college hoops unis

A look at the six new uniforms adidas unveiled today. / adidas

While high school basketball players are certainly aware of how college uniforms look, it's not much of a deciding factor in their college choice. On Thursday, Adidas released postseason jerseys with short sleeves for Baylor, UCLA and Louisville that have a Fruit Stripe gum-like swirl on the shorts, but not on the top. Notre Dame, Cincinnati and Kansas will wear similarly styled uniforms, but without sleeves.

Findlay Prep center Gavin Schilling said he was less concerned about the striped pattern of the Adidas jerseys than with the fact they had sleeves.

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"I'm not a big fan of the sleeve jersey," said Schilling, who recently said his final four schools are Minnesota, UCLA, Michigan State and Villanova. "Basketball jerseys aren't supposed to have sleeves. I've heard that people don't like them, but jerseys are jerseys to me. It's more important how I fit with the school, not with the jerseys."

Schilling says he's a bigger fan of the Nike basketball jerseys with the logo on the front and the school name in the back.

Huntington Prep center Dominic Woodson, who has signed with Baylor, is 6-9 and 295, so he would be wearing quite a lot of wild yellow. He doesn't seem to mind.

"I like them," Woodson said of the Adidas uniforms for Baylor. "They're really nice. Just something new that nobody has seen yet."



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