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High school kicker Jonathan Semerene drills 70-yard field goal (Video)


Meet Jonathan Semerene. Rather, meet the Cypress Bay (Weston, Fla.) junior's right leg. It is big.

According to the YouTube description, the video above was shot during one of Semerene's kicking sessions with Brandon Kornblue, who played at Michigan and has been mentoring and coaching kickers and punters since 2000.

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Semerene's first field goal attempt in the video is the most impressive, not only because it's good from an absurd 70 yards, but because of its trajectory. When the ball comes off Semerene's foot, it appears to be headed wide left, but it comes back and splits the uprights. Excellent wind compensation right there.

I do the same thing when I'm facing a stiff 20 mph crosswind in Flick Kick.



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