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(VIDEO) High school girls basketball player makes full-court bounce shot

The incredible video above of Lewis-Palmer (Monument, Colo.) basketball player Anna Olsen draining making a most-improbable full-court shot might leave you with a few questions.

1. Does it count?

2. Is it a 2-pointer or a 3-pointer?
We're not sure. Any basketball rules experts care to weigh in?

UPDATE: The NFHS rules editor says the shot counts as a 2-pointer and is credited to the shooter.

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3. Why did Olsen shoot the ball from under her own basket when there was clearly enough time to dribble up court?
We have no idea.

4. Is this the most incredible shot ever?
Probably not EVER ever, but at least in the last week.

Thanks to The Big Lead for the heads up.



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