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No. 11 Goose Creek will appear before a judge on Friday

5:06 PM, Nov. 15, 2012 EST

Goose Creek, ranked No. 11 in the Super 25 high school football rankings, is taking the South Carolina High School League to court for the right to continue in the playoffs. The SCHSL told Goose Creek it would not be allowed to play Bluffton on Friday, its scheduled second-round opponent, because Goose Creek had used an ineligible player.

Goose Creek principal Jimmy Huskey told USA TODAY Sports on Thursday the school would attempt to overturn the SCHSL's ruling before a judge on Friday morning.

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"Our appeal is based on four points," said Huskey. "First, the punishment to our students doesn't fit the infraction. The player only played for 17 plays. No. 2, there was no intent to deceive. His paperwork was accurate at the time. No. 3, there was no intent to gain a competitive advantage and No. 4, the player qualifies for hardship status."



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