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Incredible Full-Court Bounce Shot Shooter Talks About Improbable Basket


Remember Anna Olson? She was the Lewis-Palmer (Monument, Colo.) high school basketball player who made an amazing full-court bounce shot earlier this month.

Olson recently sat down with 9News Denver's Aaron Matas to talk about her improbable shot and attempt to recreate it. During the course of the interview, she also answers one of the questions we had when we first saw the video: Why did she launch a full-court shot when there were more than 10 seconds left in the quarter?

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As it turns out, the Lewis-Palmer student section was counting down the shot clock early in an attempt to trick visiting Cheyenne Mountain into shooting before it was necessary.

"But they actually fooled me," said Olson, whose teammate rebounded a Cheyenne Mountain miss and immediately passed her the ball. "I got the outlet and I thought there was 2 seconds, left so I thought I would just chuck this up over there."

We're glad that's cleared up.



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